Security, Anti-Virus, & Updates

Security is paramount in today's computing world.

We offer several options to ensure the safety of our clients’ networks. We offer all of the traditional security options such as anti-virus and firewalls. We go a step further by offering Cloud based security systems that are always up to date and involve no customer interaction. We also monitor our client systems to keep them up to date and running efficiently.

Email Security and Anti-Spam Services

We provide you with a cost-effective solution that allows your business to minimize incoming unsolicited spam email. We also provide filtering and protection from viruses/threats that are attached to emails.

Virus and Spyware Protection

Our managed anti-virus solution provides protection from new viruses and threats as they are discovered. The managed anti-virus protection solution provides server and desktop virus scanning to help prevent viruses from infecting shared network drives and local desktop drives.

Server and Workstation Patch Management

Regular updates reduce security and operational issues. We offer complete update solutions:

  • Ensure that all the operating systems and software in use across an infrastructure are kept fully updated and, as a result, are as secure and bug-free as possible
  • Immediate identification of machines that require patching
  • Up-to-date patches for all supported Windows and selected 3rd party applications
  • Regularly scheduled monthly patching
  • Ability to include specific business applications in the managed patching regiment
  • Emergency updates to mitigate security threats
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Maximum system uptime