Knowing the importance of the dependability of your computer system and network equipment, CNI offers quality products backed by local hardware support. With your budget in mind, we recommend servers and other equipment that are reliable, available, scalable, and provide security for your data and network. Click Here to submit a request for quotation.

Carolina NetworksProducts from CNI include:

Servers PCs
Workstations Routers
Firewalls Switches
Tape Back-Ups Hard Drives
Memory UPS
Kiosk/PC Lockdown Software

We offer our products from trusted suppliers such as:

 Dell Cisco
 Compaq APC
 Microsoft Apple
 Red Hat Linux Gateway

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Whatever your IT support and service needs, CNI has a solution for you.

Did You Know

If you’re expanding your network, or moving to a new location, CNI provides voice and data cabling services and equipment at very competitive rates.

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